Sofas & Sectionals

Sofas & Sectionals

Designed for lasting comfort, HAY’s sofas and modular sectional sofas come in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.

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Contemporary Sofas & Sectionals

As the focal point of a living room, a sofa or sectional grounds the space and anchors the surrounding pieces of furniture. No living area is complete without this type of contemporary seating. There are many different sectional and sofa styles from which to choose, making it easy to find a piece that works well in your home. When choosing a sofa or sectional, the primary considerations are size and style. First, measure your living space or family room to determine what size sofa the room can comfortably accommodate. Remember, the best practice is to account for two feet of space around the sofa or sectional to ease traffic flow. Next, think about your home's interior design aesthetic and what style sofa will best fit your space. A low couch or low sofa reads modern, while an elegant sofa with a high sit feels more traditional. Choose a low sectional with a slender walnut frame to coincide with midcentury modern interiors. Or opt for a wide sectional couch with exaggerated cushions to make a contemporary statement. Below, we deep dive into the different types of sectionals, sofas, and more.

Types of Sofas and Sectionals

If you're deciding between a sofa or a sectional, think about how many people your living area should be able to seat on a regular basis. Most contemporary sofas seat up to three people comfortably, while a sectional can seat even more depending on the overall size and shape. Sofas can be broken down into two main categories: a three-seater sofa and a two-seater sofa (or settee sofa). The average couch length ranges from 72-96 inches, while the average loveseat length ranges from 48-72 inches.

If you're furnishing a large, expansive room, opt for a sectional. The most popular types of sectionals include L-shaped, U-shaped, and convertible sectional sofas. An L-shaped sectional is a sectional with a chaise; this type will be either left- or right-facing. A U-shaped sectional offers two extended seats (or chaises) for added comfort and room to stretch out. Modular sectionals are ideal for large living areas because they can be assembled, disassembled, and arranged as desired. Read HAY's Modular Sofas and Sectionals Guide to learn more about modular couches. Consider upholstery options, too. It's important to choose an upholstery type that will be well-suited to your lifestyle. For example, if you have children, select an upholstery that's durable and easy to clean. Similarly, if you have pets, choose an upholstery that resists snagging and wears well over time.

Choosing the Right Sofa or Sectional for Your Space

Shop HAY's in-stock sectional sofas to find the perfect piece for your space. For a medium-sized room, opt for a small sectional with a chaise, so you have a spot to curl up or stretch out. If you're furnishing a large, open-concept floor plan, select a wide chaise sectional, such as the Mags Soft Low Sectional, that can function as a room divider to break up the space. Wondering how to style a sectional sofa? Incorporate plush pillows and throws. Choose warm materials, such as velvet and cashmere, in the cooler months. Then swap them out for lighter materials, like linen and cotton, in the warmer months. A HAY sofa or sectional will anchor your living space in style.

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