Outdoor Lighting

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Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays an important role in exterior spaces, adding charm and appeal to outdoor dining areas or lounge settings once the sun has gone down. Exterior lighting is critical if you want to create a welcoming ambiance for friends and family members alike. The two primary types of landscape lighting include accent lighting and security lighting. Accent lighting refers to highlighting architectural or landscape features. Outdoor uplighting is a specific accent lighting effect that can be created by placing a light source on the ground and directing it upward to illuminate a sculpture, plant, or architectural feature. Security lighting helps increase outdoor safety. It refers to path lights and stairway lights, among others, that can help prevent people from tripping, Security lighting also encompasses flood lights, which are often motion-sensing and flood a yard or deck with light when you walk by. Whether you’re looking for front porch lights to create a warm welcome for guests who enter your home or backyard lights to create a starry oasis for family movie nights, illuminating your space has never been easier.


Types of Light Fixtures

There are many different types of outdoor light fixtures that can be used to illuminate your outdoor area. Depending on the size of your space, you may want to incorporate two to three different types of lights for optimal illumination.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights, such as an outdoor flush mount light, create ambient overhead light. This type of fixture is a great choice for a covered deck or pool patio. Many flush mount lights are dimmable so that you can set the mood with the volume of light.

Outdoor Sconce Lighting

Wall sconces are a space-efficient yet refined lighting element. These can be used to flank a front door, sliding doors, or even an outdoor sofa arranged against a wall. Sconces come in a variety of styles, including antique-inspired designs and fixtures with a nautical feel.

Outdoor Decorative Lights

Decorative lights blend form and function. This type of lighting includes pendant lights, outdoor hanging lights, and lanterns. Pendant lights need to be hardwired, but other hanging lights, such as string lighting, can easily be installed without the help of an electrician. Outdoor lantern lights are ideal for supplemental lighting in large spaces. Some lanterns are designed for tabletop use, while others are large enough to be placed on the ground.


How to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

HAY’s selection of outdoor lighting offers something for every space – whether you have an elevated outdoor dining area or casual fire pit seating. Looking for outdoor lighting ideas? Create outdoor entry lights by installing a pair of sconces on either side of your front door. For balcony lights, wrap string lights around the railing of your balcony or hang a battery-operated pendant from the ceiling. If you’re looking for decorative patio lights, consider weatherproof lanterns that can be used indoors and out. Outdoor LED light fixtures are a great choice for any space since LED bulbs are long-lasting and energy efficient. Shop HAY for contemporary outdoor lighting that will create a welcoming outdoor environment – one that can be used and enjoyed long after the sun has set.