Outdoor Lighting & Accessories

Outdoor Lighting & Accessories

Bring the comforts of home outdoors with HAY’s portable outdoor lighting and accessories, like plush outdoor cushions.

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Contemporary Outdoor Lighting and Accessories

Bring the comforts of home outdoors with simple yet thoughtful touches, such as contemporary outdoor lighting and functional accessories. There are a few different landscape lighting effects to consider as you decide how to illuminate your space.

Up lighting

This technique is used to highlight architectural details or large foliage. To accomplish this, place the light source on the ground and direct it toward the detail or object you wish to highlight.

Moon lighting

Moon lighting is used to create welcoming pools of light. Place the light source up high (in a tree, for example) and direct the light downward to mimic moonlight.


This is a type of accent lighting that creates visually intriguing light and shadow play. To create this effect, place the light fixture close to a flat surface and direct it upward or downward so that it “grazes” the surface with light.


This technique refers to flooding a wall, fence, or hedge with light, thereby illuminating the surrounding area. This is best accomplished with flood lights.


Outdoor accessories can also help to increase comfort in outdoor spaces. Below, discover the different types of outdoor light fixtures and accessories to bring your space to life.


Types of Outdoor Light Fixtures and Accessories

Landscape lighting effects can be achieved with various outdoor light fixtures. Here are a few of the most popular types. Outdoor wall lights, such as a wall sconce, are space-efficient lighting elements. These are frequently installed in pairs – for example, to flank a doorway or outdoor seating arrangement. Outdoor decorative lights include string lights, lanterns, and portable lamps. These types of lights don’t have to be hardwired and are easy to install on your own. Outdoor pendants can be hung above a dining table or lounge seating arrangement to create a warm glow. Outdoor accessories are equally important. Pillows and seat cushions lend comfort to hard furnishings, while garden accessories and decor, such as plant pots, bring a personal touch to your space. If you often enjoy alfresco meals, consider outdoor dining decor, too, such as tabletop lanterns and enameled dinnerware.


Choosing Outdoor Lighting and Accessories for Your Space

If you’re looking for outdoor decor ideas, think about the touches that will make your patio or yard more comfortable and inviting. For small spaces, install outdoor wall sconces for a space-efficient lighting element. Incorporate compact balcony accessories, such as small pots of herbs and a sculptural watering can. If you’re in need of patio privacy wall ideas, consider tall potted plants or hang an artful outdoor rug as a wall tapestry to create a more intimate space. If you have a large outdoor space, string bistro lights above your dining table or fire pit for ample illumination. Create a spacious seating arrangement with lounge chairs and floor pillows that can be used for dining at a low coffee table. Choose outdoor garden decor that’s functional and beautiful, so it can be displayed without making your space feel cluttered. Shop HAY’s outdoor light fixtures and accessories that blend form and function. They’re beautifully designed and engineered to withstand the elements.

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