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Lighting plays an integral role in creating a welcoming ambiance within the home. At once, lighting sets the mood and tone for a space. Look to contemporary lighting and light fixtures to create spaces within your home that are well-lit and welcoming. From contemporary takes on traditional pleated lamp shades to modern lantern pendants to neon lights, contemporary light fixtures include a wide range of styles. At Danish design store HAY, shop minimalist and contemporary lighting for spaces of all kinds. Below, discover the different types of lighting, light fixtures, and home lighting ideas for pleasant illumination in every room.


Ambient Lighting: As its name suggests, ambient lighting creates overall illumination or ambiance. Ambient lighting is most often achieved with overhead light fixtures, such as chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights, and flush- or semi-flush-mount ceiling lights. These types of light fixtures often feature translucent shades or opal glass globes that diffuse light. Ambient lighting is essential to a warm, welcoming environment without glare or harsh shadows.

Task Lighting: Next, task lighting offers illumination for a specific task. This lighting type primarily includes desk lamps, kitchen island lighting, and under-counter lighting. Task light fixtures typically feature downward facing or adjustable shades that direct light where you need it most.

Accent Lighting: Finally, accent lighting adds visual interest and is often used to highlight specific pieces of decor or architectural details within a room. Spotlights are among the most common accent light fixtures for their ability to direct light to a specific location. Wall sconces and picture lights can also be used for accent lighting.


Pendant Lights, Ceiling Lights & Wall Lights: Pendant lamps and chandeliers hang from the ceiling to provide overhead ambient light. Frequently installed in common areas of the home – including the living room, dining room, and kitchen – pendant lights and chandeliers are often designed with translucent fabric shades or hand-blown opal glass globes that diffuse warm, ambient light. To create task lighting above a kitchen island or dining room credenza, look for pendant lights with downward-facing shades. Similarly, wall lights and wall sconces provide ambient lighting. Many sconces are designed to wash a wall with light, illuminating the surrounding space. Other wall lights, such as HAY’s Neon Tube LED lights, provide colorful, atmospheric accent lighting.

Table Lamps & Floor Lamps: Table lamps and floor lamps offer more control over illumination than ceiling lights, as they can easily be repositioned. Depending on its type of shade, floor lamps and table lamps can provide ambient or task lighting. These lamps are common in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Portable lamps, cordless lamps, and battery-operated light fixtures are versatile lighting elements – many can be used both indoors and out.

Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor light fixtures are designed to illuminate outdoor spaces long after the sun has gone down. Outdoor lamps are often made of durable plastic or polycarbonate to withstand the elements. Portable, cordless, and battery operated, outdoor lamps from HAY last up to 10 hours on a single charge. These versatile cordless lamps are ideal for both small and large outdoor spaces.


Choosing lighting for your home shouldn’t be a daunting task. Think about your home’s interior design style as you choose lighting pieces. If you’re looking for hallway lighting ideas for a more traditional home, install a series of wall sconces to illuminate the hall. Create ample light in a master bedroom with a pair of bedside pendant lights that offer soft illumination for nighttime reading. A dimmable table lamp is an optimal choice for a living room as it allows you to adjust the volume of light as needed. For a more eclectic look, combine an airy Rice Paper Shade with a pendant light cord kit for a custom lighting element. Go for a tabletop fixture with a pleated lamp shade to create task lighting on a desk or living room side table. Lastly, water-resistant portable outdoor lights can be used both indoors and out for maximum versatility. Shop HAY’s wide range of contemporary light fixtures to find the perfect piece for every room of the home.

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