Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $50

This holiday season, find the right gift for every person on your list with our extensive selection of affordable gifts – because it doesn’t take a specific dollar amount to wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas. Sticking to a budget can help take the stress out of holiday shopping, especially if you find yourself shopping for a long list of people, from teachers and colleagues to best friends and family members.


Thankfully, $50 gift ideas are plentiful, and it’s easy to convey your love and enthusiasm for someone with a gift under 50 dollars. It’s perfectly possible to find thoughtful, elevated items that keep you on budget. When shopping for $50 gifts, think about the people on your list. What are their interests and passions? What can you look for that will be meaningful, relevant, and useful to them? Consider items that bring cheer to everyday activities or intuitively designed objects that bring a sense of refinement to the home. Below, we share a roundup of the best gifts under $50.

Gifts Under $50 for Everyone

Looking for gifts for men under $50? Consider these ideas for the man who hosts a weekly cocktail night at home: a pair of colorful tumblers, glass stirring spoons, or a set of cocktail napkins. Or take a different approach and curate a small gift basket of specialty food items – such as artisanal cheese and olives – to serve on cocktail night. For the men in your life who love to hit the gym, go for a water bottle, a cooling gym towel, or a foam roller.

For the woman whose home is so well organized it resembles a page from a magazine, shop these gifts under $50 for her: an easy-to-use label maker, a color coordinated set of lidded tins, or sleeks trays for optimal desktop organization. Know someone with an ever-growing collection of houseplants? Consider these plant-themed gifts for women under $50: an elegant watering can, a hanging planter, or a coffee table book on plant propagation. 
When it comes to personal accessories, there’s an abundance of unisex gifts under $50 that fit the bill. Select a crossbody phone bag for your on-the-go friend or choose a colorful reusable shopping bag to encourage friends and family members to reduce plastic waste.

HAY Gifts Under $50

HAY’s selection of unique gifts under $50 comprises well-designed, functional items for every room of the home, from the bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and living room. Gifts from HAY bring a sense of refinement to everyday essentials and activities – whether that’s stylish kitchen and dining essentials or office accessories for at-home workspaces. Crafted of high-quality materials, HAY offers gifts that are functional and beautiful – and under $50 as well.