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Gift Card Ideas

Make gifting easy with gift cards that let your friends and family shop for their favorites on their own – because the best gift cards are tailored to the recipient’s interests. They’re ideal for acquaintances, such as teachers and colleagues, with whom you may not have a deep personal relationship. However, unique gift cards are also perfectly suitable for dear friends and family members. Below, discover the best gift cards to give to everyone on your list.

Gift Card Ideas for Everyone
  • • Gift cards for women who have turned their closets into home offices: Select a gift card to a stationery store where she can choose personalized paper goods for her workspace.
  • Gift cards for men who know their way around the kitchen: Choose a gift card to a kitchen supply store or specialty food shop.
  • Gift cards for moms who need a break from being the caretaker: Surprise her with a gift card to a luxury spa or a homemade gift card she can cash in for a weekend getaway.
  • Gift cards for dads who are difficult to shop for: Get him a gift card to one of the places he frequents, such as the local hardware store or golf shop.
  • Gift cards for teachers who need some time outside the classroom: Opt for a gift card to a nearby restaurant.
  • Gift cards for colleagues with a green thumb and thriving desk plants: Select a gift card to an online plant shop to feed their obsession.
HAY Gift Card

A HAY gift card is sure to please everyone. Whether you’re shopping for a design-savvy friend, your mom who thrives on entertaining, or your sibling who works remotely, HAY’s selection of decorative objects, kitchen and dining essentials, and home office accessories — among many other styles — are instant crowd-pleasers.