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Contemporary Side Tables

Contemporary side tables play a useful role throughout the home. Most frequently found in living rooms and family rooms, this type of small table complements a seating arrangement. You’ve probably heard the term “side table” used interchangeably with “end table.” However, the two types of tables have distinct purposes. Traditionally, side tables are positioned against a wall (on the side of a living room), while end tables are typically positioned at the end of a sofa. Today, side tables and end tables share many features. More often than not, these types of small accent tables can be used interchangeably. Perhaps you’re wondering how tall should a side table be. If you plan to position it next to a sofa or chair, it should be equal to or slightly lower than the arm of the seat. Tall side tables are well-suited to traditional furniture with a high sit, while low side tables are better suited to low-slung modern furnishings.


Side Table Types and Styles

Side tables come in many different shapes, materials, and styles – and they offer a variety of features. Choose from round, rectangular, and square side tables. When selecting a shape, consider your other furnishings and choose a shape that provides visual contrast. For example, balance a large round ottoman with a rectangular side table. Or if you have a sectional that features sharp angles, juxtapose it with a small round side table.

Some offer a compact surface area, while others are larger in size. A large side table is ideal for bridging the gap between two seats, such as a sofa and armchair. A side table with storage offers space for remote controls, reading material, and more. These are often designed with a drawer or shelf. Choose open or closed storage based on your needs. Finally, a tray table features a recessed, tray-like top. This type is ideal for containing small decorative objects. Or use it as a snack table to serve beverages and hors d’oeuvres.


How to Choose Side Tables for Your Home

Side tables are versatile enough to be used in a living room, office, and bedroom. HAY’s selection features unique side tables crafted from a variety of materials, including powder-coated steel, marble, and wood. Many are available in a wide range of colors that will suit any space. Looking for accent tables for living room settings? Choose a compact round table with an elegant marble top or easy-to-clean laminate surface. Looking for a small side table for bedroom settings? Select a pair of nightstand tray tables to flank a master bed. HAY’s tray side table features a removable top that can double as a serving tray. If you’re wondering how to decorate a side table, remember to keep it simple. A side table should be beautiful but also useful, with room to place a beverage or book. Choose one or two small things, such as a single-flower vase or taper candle holder to decorate a side table. Shop HAY’s selection of Danish designs and contemporary pieces to find the perfect side table for your space.