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Contemporary Desks

Contemporary desks offer form and function, combining sophisticated, high-quality design elements with ample surface area – and sometimes storage space. The best home office desk is one that suits your needs and is functional for the type of work you do. Whether your home office occupies its own room or a corner of the living room, there’s a contemporary office desk that will fit your needs. As you browse desks, think about where you intend to place it and the size of the space. Whenever possible, place your desk near a window or other source of natural light, which can help boost your mood and increase productivity. If your home office occupies a corner of your living room, consider a small wooden desk that plays well with other furnishings in the room. On the other hand, if you have a dedicated home office, opt for a large computer desk or a wide desk with ample surface space, which is ideal for the multitasker. Read on to discover the different types of desks and how to choose the best one for your space.


Types of Desks

There are many different types of desks, including computer desks, writing desks, executive desks, and two-person desks. As its name suggests, a computer desk is a type of workstation desk that offers ample surface space and is designed to accommodate a computer and sometimes other office equipment. A writing desk tends to be slightly smaller in size, making it a good choice for multifunctional spaces. This type usually features built-in storage compartments for writing utensils. An executive office desk is usually a large rectangular or oval-shaped desk. You’ll find this style in corner offices and personal studies alike. Depending on your needs, this type of study desk can be ideal for someone who works with a computer, monitor, and files or other printed reading material. A two-person desk may be a rectangular desk that seats two people – one on each side – or it may be an L-shaped desk. This type is useful for multifunctional spaces or a shared office.


Choosing a Desk for Your Home Office

HAY’s contemporary home office desks are sleek, space-efficient, and multifunctional. Many can accommodate up to two people – and many can also function as a dining surface when needed. HAY’s Pyramid Table collection features a steel sheet base and sturdy oak top that’s durable and easy to clean. Similarly, the Copenhague 90 desk is designed with asymmetrical legs and a slim surface that creates ample leg room. For a desk for two people, try a table desk. Seat people on either side or arrange two table desks in an L-shaped formation to give each person a generous surface area. No matter the type of work you do or the space your home office occupies, HAY’s Danish designs, contemporary computer desks, and table desks are sophisticated, functional, and enduring.