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Contemporary Storage Furniture

Contemporary storage furniture is a home organization essential. This type of furniture is versatile, multifunctional, and suitable for use in every room. Depending on the piece, it can be used to divide a large, open-concept floorplan. In tight spaces, storage pieces can be used multifunctionally. Home storage furnishings often feature open storage, closed storage, or a combination of the two. Open storage, such as a contemporary bookcase, offers shelving or cubbies to house practical items and decorative objects. Design objects can be displayed, while more pragmatic items can be neatly organized on the shelves or within the cubbies. Depending on the depth of the unit, some storage pieces can be outfitted with baskets to hide the less visually pleasing things that need a home. Furniture with closed storage, such as a modern storage credenza, is usually designed with drawers or doors that conceal shelves. This is ideal for minimizing the appearance of clutter in common spaces. Learn about the different types of storage furniture to discover what’s best for your space.


Types of Storage Furniture

Home storage furniture comes in a wide range of silhouettes, styles, and materials. A low storage unit is usually horizontally oriented, whereas bookcases and standing shelves make use of vertical space. Evaluate the size and layout of your room to determine whether a low or tall piece of storage furniture is better suited to your space. A living room credenza or sideboard is a good example of a low storage unit. This type is usually waist-high and often features doors that open to reveal shelves or drawers. If you’re looking to store formal dinnerware, cutlery, and table linens, opt for a credenza storage cabinet.

For your library of books and magazines, choose a bookshelf and storage unit combination. This type combines shelves, which offer open storage, and closed-door cubbies for concealed storage space. Finally, modular storage pieces allow you to customize your shelving for a built-in look. Opt for this type to create a customized media unit or library. When arranging items on a tall bookcase, always place the heaviest objects on the bottom. It’s also a good practice to bolt tall storage pieces to the wall to prevent the shelving from tipping.


How To Choose Storage Furniture for Your Home

When choosing pieces for your home, first decide if you need horizontally or vertically oriented pieces. Then ask yourself if you prefer open or closed storage. Opt for a credenza with doors to furnish a dining room or to store board games in a living room setting. HAY storage pieces are modular and versatile, featuring a powder-coated metal bookshelf, cabinet, media unit, and more. If you’re looking for small storage furniture, choose a functional storage bookcase or cabinet with a low profile but plenty of storage capacity. Store baskets on open shelves to minimize the appearance of clutter. Shop HAY to find high-quality contemporary solutions for all your storage needs.