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Contemporary Stools

Often referred to as “the heart of the home,” the kitchen is a central location within a house – and, as such, it’s frequently bustling with activity. Contemporary counter stools provide space-efficient seating in the kitchen, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for friends and family members alike. Modern stools offer many benefits, including a compact form, functional versatility, and casual comfort. For maximum space efficiency, choose backless or low back bar stools that can slide fully beneath the kitchen counter, thereby easing traffic flow when not in use. If your kitchen seating is used for lengthy periods of time, look to comfortable bar stools with cushioned seats and supportive backrests. Below, discover the different types of modern counter chairs and bar stools to learn what’s right for your home.


Types of Stools

Counter stool or bar stool? What differentiates the two? If you’re wondering what the average stool size is or how to measure for bar stools, keep these dimensions in mind. Kitchen counter stools usually range in height from 24”-26”, while bar height stools are approximately 28”-30” tall. Once you’ve determined whether you need counter or bar seating (this will depend on the height of your countertop), consider the different stool designs, styles, and features.

Stools with backs feature either a low or high backrest. Remember, a high-back stool won’t be able to slide completely underneath the counter, so take the surrounding areas and traffic flow into consideration as you shop stools. Due to their height, many barstools are designed with a footrest for added comfort. This feature helps prevent the sitter’s legs from dangling, and it can alleviate pressure on the backs of thighs. Finally, some stools are designed to swivel, rotating up to 360 degrees for enhanced functionality.


How to Choose Stools for Your Home

When choosing contemporary kitchen stools for your home, first think about size and functionality, then think about style. Measure the length of your counter and evaluate how many stools can fit comfortably. The best practice is to leave at least six inches between each seat to give sitters ample room. Most kitchen counters or bars can accommodate three to four stools.


Once you’ve determined how many seats you need, decide if the stools should have a back. Ask yourself if you want to be able to push them completely underneath the counter or, on the other hand, if you want the added support of a backrest while sitting. Finally, think about materials. Wood and metal bar stools complement other wood furnishings beautifully. Or create added warmth and texture with an upholstered stool. Choose a HAY bar stool, such as the Soft Edge Stool with a contoured seat, for bar height counters or high-top tables. HAY’s About A Stool is available in two heights and features a low, sloped backrest. Whether you’re looking for swivel counter height stools or a simple round bar stool, HAY’s selection will meet your needs.