Dining Tables

Dining Tables

With streamlined proportions, HAY’s multifunctional dining tables and kitchen tables epitomize thoughtful design.

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Contemporary Dining Tables

Today, dining tables are often called upon to pull double duty. They're used for everything from casual dining to working from home. No matter the size of your dining room – whether it's an enclosed space or extension of your kitchen – there's a contemporary dining table that will suit your space. Kitchen and dining room tables are available in a wide range of materials, including wood, laminate, and glass.

Laminate and wooden dining tables offer myriad benefits. Most notably, they're durable and easy to maintain. Different types of wood offer different looks. For example, a walnut dining table conveys a midcentury modern aesthetic, while lighter wood tables, such as an oak dining table, feel more contemporary. Over the course of the past few years, it has become increasingly popular to mix two different types of dining chairs around a dining table, but if you prefer the chairs to match, it's also possible to find a contemporary dining table set. Whether you're looking for a long dining table to seat a large family or a compact breakfast room table, there's a surface that will fit the bill.

Dining Table Types

There are many different dining table designs, styles, and shapes. Dining tables can largely be broken into four categories: rectangular, oval, square, and round. Looking for a large dining table? A contemporary rectangular dining table often seats six to eight people comfortably. Similar to rectangular styles in length, oval-shaped tables feature rounded corners, which help ease traffic flow and create a more intimate setting.

If you're looking for a compact dining table, choose a square or round table with chairs that match. Small square tables usually seat four people comfortably, while round tables can seat two to eight people depending on the diameter of the table. To create a more informal setting, opt for a dining room table with bench seating. Benches can be mixed with chairs around a rectangular or oval-shaped table for an eclectic look.

How to Choose a Dining Table for Your Home

HAY offers a wide range of unique dining room tables. The first step to finding the right table for your home is to measure your space. When you measure, account for approximately 30 inches of clearance around the table. This will give you and your guests plenty of room to pull out chairs and sit comfortably. For a minimalist dining table, choose HAY's Pyramid Table, which features a steel-sheet base and sturdy oak top. If you plan to use your dining table as office desk seating, choose a versatile table from the Copenhague collection. For a compact cafe table, opt for the Neu Table, which offers a slim tabletop, stable four-star base, and petite footprint that's ideal for small spaces. Shop HAY's selection of Danish designs to find the perfect table for your dining space.

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