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Contemporary Home Decor

Add finishing touches to every room of your house with contemporary home decor. Decorative objects not only complete a space, but they can also be used to express your preferences and style. If you gravitate toward bright colors and bold patterns, select abstract wall art in a range of lively hues. Or, if you prefer more subtle expressions of style, decorate an accent table with an architectural pillar candle or small glass object. Many home decor accents – such as mirrors, tabletop trays, and candles – are visually pleasing and functional, making them an easy choice for every room. Artful home decor even encompasses organizational accessories and storage solutions. For example, swap out unsightly plastic baskets with handmade felted wool baskets that will bring a dose of stylish practicality to your living room, bedroom, or entryway. Spruce up an empty corner with a hanging planter or bring order to your desktop with an elegant steel tray.


Types of Home Decor

Choose from many different types of home accents and decorative objects to fill your space with beauty, function, and style. Organizational home decor accessories include baskets and trays. Decorative baskets are exceptionally versatile and can be used throughout the home. Place one in your living room or bedroom to store extra blankets and throws or use one in a children's playroom as a catchall for toys. Similarly, trays are available in a variety of sizes and can be used across a wide range of contexts. Use a large tray to serve beverages to dinner guests or arrange a tray set on your desktop or bathroom counter to corral daily essentials.

Some decorative objects, such as an hourglass or small abstract sculpture, are less functional in nature, but they add visual interest to any room. Here are a few of the best places for small decorative items: a living room coffee table, a dining room credenza, or an office bookcase. Create a cozy atmosphere in any room with a pair of candles. Opt for large pillar candles or place colorful taper candles in geometric candleholders. Finally, decorative mirrors, abstract wall art, and clocks can help dress up your walls or add visual interest to a gallery of family photos.


Contemporary Home Decor Ideas

Take inspiration from these contemporary home decor ideas for every room. If you’re looking for accent table decor, HAY offers geometric trays and colorful vases that make for stylish living room accessories. To decorate your entryway, hang a square or round wall mirror where it will reflect natural or artificial light and make the space feel bigger. For a dining room, dress up your table with candles. Mix different candle sizes to create an interesting tablescape. If you’re in need of a few friendly touches in your office or study, select a couple of small sculptures, like a glass knot, to bring visual interest to your bookcase. Finally, choose wall art to bring creative expression to your bedroom. Shop HAY decor to find the decorative items that will bring unique finishing touches to your home.